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Steampunk Masquerade starring Serpent Mother


8410 Amelia Street, Oakland, CA 94621, USA

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Event Description

Join the Flaming Lotus Girls, Airpusher, & NIMBY for the 3rd Annual Steampunk Masquerade Promenade: starring Serpent Mother!!!

Dust off your top hat and hop in your favorite steam engine for the adventure of a lifetime!

Three amazing groups are turning NIMBY into a legendary evening to remember! Flaming Lotus Girl’s Serpent Mother will be ON FIRE for the first time in 2 years! She will be featured amongst 6 stages of music including international talent Slynk & Timothy Wisdom, a mutant vehicle round-up, interactive art, fire performers, aerialists, and MORE! 

Join us early for our Interactive Arts Happy Hour! Meet the artists, bid on great art in the silent auction, create custom wearable art at the screen-printing station, and play with interactive art pieces. 

Don’t miss this special opportunity to meet The Serpent Mother!

Here is what’s in store for us so far:


♫ - SLYNK - (Australia - Adapted / Ghetto Funk / Disco Cakes)

With the overwhelming support and love from the world’s most respected funky breaks producers behind him, Slynk's reputation for dropping instant­ smile­ provoking supreme ­'80s ­nu-funk ­flavored boogie bass has been growing world-wide!


♫ - TIMOTHY WISDOM - (Canada - Ghetto Funk / Bombastic Jam / Resoul Records)

Wisdom's sets fuse live MCing, singing, turntablism and incredible hype into a slamming show. Dubbed as the “Voice of Ghetto Funk”, his performances are unique sessions, filled with spontaneous lyrical content and a charisma that lifts audiences off their feet!



✪ - SERPENT MOTHER (Flaming Lotus Girls)
✪ - Celestial Mechanica (Honorarium 2014)
✪ - Twin Tesla Coils (Sextant Camp)
✪ - Trancender (Love Potion Collective)
✪ - outdoor chill-space (Miso Horny)
✪ - shipping container Bumpdown Lounge (ICARUS)

Get fired up!!! Marco Cochrane, creator of Bliss Dance & Truth Is Beauty will be doing a live-sculpting during our Interactive Arts Happy Hour.

Don't miss an opportunity to see a 2 hour version of Marco's creative process, and don't pass on your chance to be sculpted by him! 

Enter our drawing for a chance to model for Marco on April 18, 2015 at Nimby, and after the event you'll receive a plaster cast of your portrait bust. If you're not interested in modeling, or cannot attend the event, you can select someone else to pose, or we can choose for you. Marco is happy for people of all genders to enter to pose for this. We are offering 500 tickets and are accepting voluntary donations of $12 each for an opportunity of a lifetime. Or get discounted entries - 5 at $11 or 10 at $10 for more chances to win!

Winner will be randomly selected and notified on Thursday, April 16, 2015. The finished sculpture will be available for pickup or delivery in the SF Bay Area only.


♫ - The Crossroads Experience
♫ - Jordan & The Ritual


♫ - DJ Mes (Guesthouse Music)
♫ - DJ M3 (Green Gorilla / Disco Knights / Monarch)
♫ - Motion Potion (Sunset SF / Janky Barge)
♫ - Zach Moore (Space Cowboys, The Armory Podcast)
♫ - shOOey (Space Cowboys)
♫ - Tamo (Space Cowboys)
♫ - DJ Dane (Dusty Rhino)
♫ - Vitamindevo (LaserNative)
♫ - Lt. Daaan (Laser Native / MNML:FUN)
♫ - Zita Molnar (MNML:FUN)
♫ - David Gropper (Helix SF)
♫ - Derek Ryan Helix SF)
♫ - MOSF3T (Icarus)
♫ - Snarkle (Janky Barge)
♫ - DJ Cor (Pancake)
♫ - DJ Kelly (Vulvatron)
♫ - Matt The Katt (Miso Horny)
♫ - @lex (Pancake)


♫ - Cptn Jay (Airpusher)
♫ - Djesika (Airpusher)
♫ - J-Kind (Airpusher)
♫ - Jon Barnes (Airpusher)
♫ - Edmundo (Airpusher)


✪ - Airpusher Steampunk Airship
✪ - The Janky Barge
✪ - Apis Inlusio (bEEcHARGE)
✪ - Chester
✪ - Garage Mahal 
✪ - Beezus Christ SuperCar


  • PARKING: There will be plenty of room in a guarded, secured parking lot for guests at Park Fly N Save, 250 Hegenberger Rd Oakland for $16/car. Shuttles will be running all night to/from NIMBY approx. every 20 min, free of charge!!
  • BART: We will have The Red Bus shuttling people to/from the Coliseum Station (pick up: parking lot side) 7PM-12:30AM approx. every 20 min; A $5 Donation is recommended
  • Street parking is LIMITED. Please do not leave any valuables in the car and be safe. 
  • Arrive EARLY and CARPOOL! This is to ensure you enjoy all the events during the Arts Interactive Happy Hour and spare our precious air 

The 3rd Annual Steampunk Masquerade is a fundraiser benefitting the Flaming Lotus Girls, Airpusher, and NIMBY. All funds raised go toward making more awesome art for everyone to enjoy!

Image credits:
Caroline Miller (mills)
Jessica Hobbs

Map of Event Location
April 18th, 2015  7:00 pmApril 19th, 2015  2:00 am